GoodBackgroundsMake backgrounds       Make them good!

GoodBackgrounds enhances photos nicely
to avoid a black frame or cut and preserve quality.
Just drop any picture to set it as background.

Could not be more simple!ElegantPowered by GoodTimes technology
Requierements: any Mac running Mac OS X 10.7 or above • Internet connection to download for free!


A one step workflow app! It has never been so simple.

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create BookletLion 10.7 compatible and free

Simple!IntegratedPDF PowerEconomic!
Requierements: any Mac running Mac OS X 10.5+ • Internet connection to download for free!


The simpliest solution to generate PDF booklet, directly from the print panel.

Create Booklet allows you to print any document as a booklet. It puts your pages side by side re-sorted for booklet printing.


Just click "Create Booklet",
it's that easy!

PDF power

The result file is a PDF you can save for future usage, with all the power the PDF term means.


Create Booklet is free and saves you money over pricy suite plugins.


You can create booklets directly from any (non copyright protected) Mac OS X print panel.


The job is done in seconds.


Now you have time to tell your friends about this!

Environment friendly

With create Booklet, you can save up to 4 times the paper normally needed. The planet will thank you!
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