A simple first technique

After getting used to having a toothbrush, this is a first actual technique your kid uses. Some almost naturally get to brushing by mimicking their parents with this simplified movement. The toothbrush is simply moved back and forth. Once your kid feels comfortable brushing his/her teeth, he/she can focus on covering every tooth over the time of 3 minutes. MyTeeth can help you with this.

The first technique a toddler learns is the simply brushing. He/She is just moving his/her brush back and forth over his/her teeth to get used to cleaning his/her teeth every day. There are two typical orders used COI or ICO, describing the order of brushing the chewing surface, outside and inside. Early you should start him to brush all areas of the mouth, so he does not get used to just brushing the easy to reach ones, which is why our little girl brushes always all her teeth, with equal care.