Imagine your computer understands what you really want. You give him the details and it does the rest. Only then computer finally make your life easier.

So far software focused on technical problems and delivered tools filled with "features", that the user had to figure out.

Life today should not be about technology, it is not about finding new things to make life more complicated, it is about harvesting the power of computers for the good of the user, the iPhone is one strong example - what is possible today.

Focusing on you and your workflow allows us to create a unique kind of software. We want you to open the software and have its usage just be apparent to you. Every single step in your mind is only a single step in our software. You can be just creative and have fun with it. To accomplish this we turn around how applications have been seen before and clean up with old paradigms, we make use of the latest and greatest technologies to accomplish our goal, focus on main tasks and create new visual guides. All that with having you, our user, in mind.This is

If you want to be master of your wishes,
     then let your wish be our software's command.

So be part of our world, get what we already have,
follow us or join the discuss on what should be coming,
and please bear with us, as we are just taking off…

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