You are It!

Pick Up Anyone… for anything…

How do you pick someone? Flip a coin? A counting rhyme? Nah!
With "You are It", choose anyone for anything:

  • Designated driver
  • Do the dishes today
  • Pay the next round
  • Wash the car
  • Buy groceries today
  • Stay home to babysit
  • Bring out the trash
  • Drown your Android

Quick! Fun! Simply the Best!

You can either have "It" picked randomly,
OR you can chose one of two reaction games.

Every player simply puts a finger down and automatically gets a color assigned. If no new players are added the games starts.



  • Intuitive usage
  • Up to 5 players on iPhone
  • Up to 10 players on iPad
  • Random mode: Simply pick one of the players’ finger on the screen
  • Tap Game: Each player has to tap when his color comes.
  • Lift Game: Lifting a finger is quite counter intuitive on tap devices, so this can be a challenge!
  • Made a mistake -> You are It!

Twitter: @TheKeptPromise